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The integration of regional economies has remained a top priority for governments worldwide, and Africa is no exception. A key element of economic, social and political development, regional integration has been used to address the dynamics of globalization. In light of the success of the European Union, questions on the benefits of regional integration in Africa have become increasingly important for African governments.

However, African regional integration schemes, including Southern African Development Community (SADC) , have not succeeded in achieving the desired outcomes. The book deals comprehensively with the topic of regional integration in Southern Africa and its implications for economic and political governance. Various aspects of integration are discussed, including trade, foreign direct investment, infrastructure development, security, governance, and the history of regional integration. It stresses the challenges that the SADC faces and provides strategies to address these barriers to economic development and stability among the region's people. A detailed discussion of contemporary challenges confronting the regional integration agenda connects the contributions of history, theory, and practice to the current debates.


Duration project: 3 Months

Client: WIlson Khembo

Professional Publishing

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